On April 21st, Canonical released a new version of the popular OS Ubuntu 16.04, which received the codename 'Xenial Xerus'. The new application format 'Snap' was introduced in the new version of OS, which allows you to create separate packages able to include all the libraries needed to run the application, regardless of other versions of libraries installed or missing in the system. This will ensure the guaranteed operability of the package on various systems. No more "Dependency hells"!

The new system also has a new LXD hypervisor preinstalled, which allows you to create independent VM containers on a single system or in the cloud. The system is based on an updated version of the Linux kernel 4.4 and has the extended lifetime of 5 years.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is now available for automatic installation on all types of dedicated Server.lu servers.

You can find more information about the Ubuntu release here.