The Brandz top100 has been one of the most informative sources, within the global corporations market, for many years. The annual rating given by Millward Brown, considers Google's impact on the innovational spheres of science and technology, as well as its income.

Apple was the leader of the chart for three consecutive years. This year, Google regained leadership in the ranking which it previously occupied between 2007 and 2010. Google gained leadership not only due to cost increase but also due to a number of various promising developments such as Google Glass, autonomous vehicle, Android updates, researches in the sphere of artificial intelligence and other projects.

The value of Google went up by 40 percent and thus reached $158.8 billion. For comparison, the marketĀ  value of Apple demonstrated a 20 percent decrease and stopped at the level of $147.8. Third place is occupied by the IBM company and the Microsoft corporation, which jumped from seventh to fourth.