This type of server is based on Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 processor with 32 GB of RAM installed. It also has several disk storage configurations available, which is the main advantage of this server.

Server's default storage configuration is 2x2TB HDD, but it can also be equipped with other types of HDDs and SSDs, which makes this server very versatile, so can be used in various projects.

The server is provided with a dedicated unmetered bandwidth of 100 Mbps and the upgrade of the port speeds up to 1000 Mbps is also available.

We provide you with embedded IPMI access for troubleshooting your server, in case you lose remote access. Also IPMI can be used for custom OS installations. Access to IPMI is provided free of charge, and it's available during entire rental term.

Rental price starts from 79 EUR* for configuration with 2x2Tb HDD, and can be upgraded up to 4х4TB HDD or 2x480Gb SSD. If you need custom drives capacity for your project, which are not included on our website, you can contact to our sales department and request possible options.

We hope that this high-performance server will become a reliable platform for hosting your projects.

*Special discount -10 EUR is only available until 31.05.2017.

You can review our new offer here.