is happy to announce a new type of servers SYS8.

To mark the start of the new line, we give a 25 Euro discount to each customer. Hurry up, the promotion will last for only two weeks!

The SYS8 has a data storage capacity of 7 TB. Installed RAID-controller increases the reliability of the data storage. It has 8 HDD drives of 1 TB each, joined in RAID 5 array, which has total storage capacity of 7 TB and provides decent performance of read and write operations. The server delivers high performance due to its powerful processor - Intel Core2 Q8200. This server is an excellent option for storing and processing large amounts of information.


CPU: Intel Core2 Q8200 4x2.33GHz
HDD: 8x1000 GB SATA2 in RAID 5 array
Bandwidth: 10 TB traffic limit on 100 Мbit/s (dedicated)
Brand: Supermicro SYS

You can read more about our new offer here.