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Skype finally fixes notifications

Skype! Remember Skype? Good old Skype. It was dominant, powerful, a friend that only let you down at most twice or three times per day. Then the market was suddenly flooded with competitors: Google Hangouts, Whatsapp,


This Is What’s New In Linux 3.16

     While the rest of us slept in, Linus Torvalds kept busy over the weekend, announcing an all new Linux kernel release.      Linux 3.16 is now stable and out there. Wherever there


Fujitsu designs leaner supercomputer

A new communications algorithm and multilayer full-mesh topology promise power savings Fujitsu has developed an approach to cluster supercomputers that reduces the number of network switches by 40 percent without


Google+ will stop forcing to use real name

After years of receiving complaints that its policies put users at risk, Google said today that it has eliminated the requirement that people use their real names on Google+. The real-name policy, which debuted with the