Luxembourg Hosting

Our services:

  1. Dedicated servers: by obtaining a dedicated server from our company you are getting pre-configured and ready to use high-performance server, which can have high RAM volume, significant storage capacity, and powerful CPU . It can be used for big and high-performance demanded projects, such as: websites, file servers, database servers, VPS hosts, etc.
  2. Virtual server (VPS): by obtaining a virtual server, you are getting an inexpensive, fully preinstalled server, which can be used for small projects, which doesn’t require high-performance (which is available only by obtaining a dedicated server).
  3. Housing: is a service of placing rack servers, owned by customers, into our technical environment. We offer our housing services to place the customer equipment, ranging from 1 unit (1U), up to the possibility of renting several racks. 
Geographically, the datacenter is located in the heart of Europe, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Designed and equipped with the most advanced technology, datacenter in Luxembourg providing a stable and reliable services. We care about the safety and operability of our customer’s services. To achieve that, we are using an efficient cooling system in our datacenter, which supports the constant microclimate for all datacenter equipment.

The reliable power system ensures constant and guaranteed power supply for all equipment, and in case of emergency datacenter is equipped with diesel-generators for supplying a whole datacenter with power for at least 48 hours. High-speed broadband connections to the global network provides our customers the same comfort, as if they were in close proximity to their servers. Multilevel security system includes an efficient smoke detection system, fire extinguishing system (which doesn’t use any liquids), and also 24/7 physical security protection.

The modern datacenter fully corresponds to the international standards Tier II and Tier IV. The large number of connection points and traffic exchange networks allows to obtain high-speed access to the servers in our datacenter, for running projects of any size and complexity.