Server Housing

Fully customizable server housing services

In our colocation rooms we provide housing for your own servers and network equipment. We can offer Tier 2 and Tier 4 housing spaces, allowing you to put your non critical infrastructure in a cheaper but less redundant environment, while your critical IT infrastructure resides in a fully redundant colocation space.

In all our server rooms we have a large set of environment monitoring systems in place, these range from water leak detection to air sampling for smoke detection. A nitrogen gas fire suppression installation will not harm your hardware while hopefully extinguishing the fire. Also the datacenter has a generator autonomy of 48 hours under full load and a 24/365 refuel contracts in pla ce. A 24/7 onsite security team will make sure no unauthorized person will get access to your servers.

Additional options
  • 0,5A Power consumption: 28 €/mo.
  • 1 Gbit/s Uplink Connection: 10 €/mo.
  • 1 Unit: 15 €/mo.
  • 1 TB: 10 €/mo.
  • Power socket: 9 €/mo.
  • IPv4: 1 €/mo.

For optimal performance, we have implemented the following conditions:

Connectivity Power
Access Security
Our backbone is connected to multiple uplink providers and our fibers use different paths out of the datacenter
Redundant and non-redundant solutions, UPS systems and diesel generators
Smoke detection by air sampling and water leak detection, fire suppression and extinction by nitrogen gas
24/7 monitoring of our critical network infrastructure, DOS detection system in place
24/7 security guards onsite, no access to secure area for unauthorized persons, CCTV